About me

I am a native Drupal developer with Core PHP OOP programming practical coding experience of more than 15 years. I have developed a lot of custom modules in Drupal as well in this time frame. I have developed numerous websites in Drupal since then including E-commerce (Online Stores), University sites, Sports, Business, Personal, Fashion websites, and many more.


History - On Drupal.org for 15 years and 3 months. (Dewancodes).


Please check my custom code on my GIT hub profile.



I can write custom patches to fix issues reported on Drupal.org.


Grip-On Latest Technologies:


Drupal 10, Composer 2.2, Drush 12.


  • React JS with Drupal integration.
  • Vue JS
  • TailWind CSS
  • Vanilla JS
  • SaaS CSS


I am an experienced DRUPAL backend/frontend developer. I have a strong grip on developing custom modules & theme development (Twig Templates) in Drupal 10, 9, 8 versions.


I can help to sort out your ongoing projects as well projects to build your websites from scratch. Moreover, I have a strong grip on HTML/CSS/jQuery and React.js for front-end technologies implementations


I have a strong command of the Drupal Composer, DRUSH, and GitHub environment. I have an awesome background in executing Linux commands to handle Drupal servers based on Linux/Unix.


I can install the latest composer version 2.2 on your server and manage your Drupal 10, 9, 8 websites using composer and can execute Drush commands to implement various processes in your drupal websites without touching UI interface of Drupal admin.


I can troubleshoot and debug complex project issues and can tackle them with my great coding/testing abilities.


I can build complex level features in Drupal using built-in modules available on Drupal.org and can write/develop my own custom modules in Drupal 10, 9, 8 too with twig templates structure. 

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Linode Server Management


Linode: Cloud Computing & Linux Servers which is an alternative to AWS.

I have a strong grip on Unix/Linux/Ubuntu based server management including Linode server management. I can professionally execute SHELL commands on SSH with root sudo level access privileges. I can create new linode instances for your websites, install new websites on linode server with SSL configuration, installing MYSQL on Apache or Nginx servers to handle PHP 7 or 8 versions. I can create databases, users, and establish connections to utilize databases for the websites.


Overview of my skills:


1. Drupal Custom Modules Development

2. Drupal Custom Themes Development

3. Core PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP) like Inheritance, Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism.

4. Linux Server Management using SSH shell commands

5. Managing Drupal files, directories & databases on Linux/Unix Servers

6. Data Scrapping/Grabbing

7. Front End Designing including XHTML/HTML/CSS/SaaS using bootstrap technology in order to develop responsive website layouts.

8. Strong jQuery coding command and experience in order to do implementing AJAX functionality, form validation, custom sliders, and many more.

9. In-depth database command on MySQL in order to deal with any type of complex/simple database relations queries writing, and tables management.

10. Awesome debugging/troubleshooting skills in order to ensure quality end products for our customers.

I can develop full websites for you in DRUPAL 9 as well including design & development.


Overview of DRUPAL work I can do for you:


• Developing complete website in Drupal including development & design.

• Photoshop designing and converting PSD/Figma/XD designs to Drupal 10 theme.

• Developing custom modules to enhance new features in your Drupal website.

• Adding new functionality on your Drupal website using different Drupal.org modules.

• Fixing any type of Drupal issues on your Drupal website.

• Solving any issue on any Drupal version website.

• Theme, Layout & Structure tasks in existing Drupal websites.

• Module, Technical & Server Related tasks.

• Responsive/Bootstrap, Mobile Layout work.

• SSL Installation.

• Many more…


I am available for more than 48hours weekly. I am available to discuss projects live on zoom meeting or any platform you suggest.


Waiting to hear a word from you.


Contact Details

Email: contact@dewancodes.com

Skype: m.asim.dewan

Whatsapp/phone: +923107668088

Website: www.dewancodes.com