Full Stack Drupal Developer & Linode Server Manager

Muhammad Asim Dewan

History - On Drupal.org for 15 years and 3 months. (Dewancodes).

I am a native Drupal developer with a Core PHP OOP programming practical coding experience of about 15 years. I have developed a lot of custom modules in Drupal as well in those years.


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Exceptional Services

While providing tremendous services to my prospects, I always put client satisfaction to the 100% level.

Drupal 9 to 10 Migration Service

Drupal 9 to 10 Migration Services

The life of Drupal 9 ended on November 1st, 2023.

It is the best time to upgrade your Drupal websites to Drupal 10.

I am a full-stack Drupal 10 developer to help you in migrating your websites to Drupal 10.

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API Integration

API Integration Services in Drupal 10

REST API integration using a custom module in Drupal 10.

Login and authentication APIs integration.

Hotel booking, Google calendar, SpaceOS API, SilverByte, Expo API, and many more integrations.

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Drupal customization services

Drupal Customization Services

I can add any custom feature on your Drupal website.

I can convert unique Figma/XD designs to Drupal 10 themes.

I can fix any backend, or frontend bugs on your Drupal website.

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Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization Services

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) implementation.

Provide insights into image optimization techniques, and image compression strategies.

Efficiently written code consumes less memory and processing power.

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E-commerce store

Revolutionizing E-commerce store in Drupal

Integrating secure payment gateways to facilitate seamless transactions.

Analyzing industry trends to identify lucrative product opportunities.

Optimizing products, and calls-to-action (CTAs), to maximize sales.

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Multilingual Websites in Drupal 10

Multilingual Websites in Drupal 10

Having website content translated in every language makes you visible world wide.

Enhance visibility in the eyes of search engines.

International audience & leads generation opportunities.

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MailChimp Integration Services

MailChimp Integration Services

Speed up your business growth through Mailchimp email marketing platform.

Customizable email templates to attract your prospects.

Campaign management, analysis, autoresponders, and KPIs.

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Figma XD to Drupal Conversion

Pixel perfect conversion from Figma or XD design to responsive Drupal 10 theme.

Bootstrap child theme setup.

Use of SaSS and React.js for design and effects implementation.

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Latest Development tools

Modern Development Tools 

I Have Hands On Experience


Trello Project Management

Creating a board on Trello that describes the project or purpose of the board.

Add lists to the Trello board, setting statuses: "To Do", "In Progress" & "Done".

Add cards to board, assigning cards to team mates, updating & viewing status. Creating labels, filters and allocating them to boards.


Tailwind CSS Implementation

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that offers an advanced approach to styling web applications.

Install Tailwind CSS, create a new project, import Tailwind CSS, create a configuration File.

Add a build script to package.json, PostCSS with npm, Run the build script to generate optimized CSS file.


Vanilla Javascript

In Vanilla JS, we write JavaScript code without the use of any additional libraries or frameworks.

DOM Manipulation & Event Handling in Vanilla JS. Utilize linting tools like ESLint or JSHint.

Building user Interfaces, responsive and adaptive UI, animations & debugging with breakpoints.


Acquia Pipeline Management

Acquia Pipelines emerges as a robust continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

Time efficiency, repeatability, cost reduction are the key benefits of automated testing.

Code review integration, automate deployment, enhanced collaboration, smooth and well-supported integration.


Jira Project Management

Jira, Project Management Software, developed by Atlassian, is a versatile tool that assists teams in planning, tracking, and managing their projects efficiently.

Creating Boards. Add issues to the board. Invite team members.

Managing Tasks and Issues. Workflows and Customization. Reporting and Analytics.


GIT Version Controlling

Creating JIRA ticket based branches.
(git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME)

Code commit.
(git commit -m 'Work')
(git push origin BRANCH_NAME)
Git conflict resolve.

Merging two commits into one.
(git pull origin develop) (git rebase -i HEAD~2)
Creating PRs on github.com.


Composer for Drupal

Composer is a crucial tool for managing dependencies in Drupal installations and upgrades.

Upgrading Drupal 1o Core version is now only possible via composer 2.2.6.

Composer helps to ensure that community-contributed extensions are compatible with your Drupal


Drush for Drupal

Installing, uninstalling Drupal modules/themes. Importing, exporting configurations using drush cex/cim.

Explore cron instances using drush queue:list. Executing custom commands.

Performing database updates, Restoring databases, taking database backups, clearing cache etc.


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